Old Path Productions

"Inquisition" is complete and available on DVD

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This one hour program explores the historical truth about the Inquisition. Over 600 years of atrocities inflicted on Bible believers because they refused to compromise their faith. This program may cause you to rethink your position on the Ecumenical Movement. Bonus features include additional pictures from the Museum of the Inquisition in Lima, Peru as well as a short description of the truths those Bible believers were willing to die for.

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"A Patriotic Tribute" is complete

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This 15 minute program is a tribute to the United States and the armed forces featuring music and vocals by the Air Force band.

"A Patriotic Tribute" received the only standing ovation at its film festival premier.

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"The Bible’s Story" - In Preproduction

There are many stories in the Bible. But what is the main story of the Bible? What is the big picture God is trying to show us in His word? This documentary style program explores that question. "The Bible’s Story" is now in the research and outline development stage. It is planned to be a one hour documentary style program when completed.

"Tears of Darkness" - In Preproduction

"Tears of Darkness" will be a full length feature film. It is a drama following the life of a teen age girl as she deals with peer pressure, drugs, and depression while searching for forgiveness.

"Tears of Darkness" is undergoing script revision as well as preliminary storyboarding. This project will require extensive financing and will proceed as God provides.

Other Projects

Other Projects are only ideas and dreams waiting to be developed. They will be posted here as time allows and progress continues.